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adaptation projects in the Pacific
Our climate change
Our climate change
adaptation projects in the Pacific

Advancing NbS with Youth and Vulnerable Groups in Niue

Advancing NbS with Youth and Vulnerable Groups in Niue
Local Project
Aliliku area - a project site for the Kiwa Initiative local project.
PC Fiafia Rex-Oma Tafua-Niue

  • Project name:
    Advancing NbS with Youth and Vulnerable Groups in Niue
  • Project Coordinator:
    Niue Island Association of Non-Government Organisations (NIUANGO) & Oma Tafua (co-partners)
  • Project Start:
    Sept 2023
  • Amount of funding:
    €234, 773.00
  • Project leader:
     Local NGO and community network
  • Type of NbS:
    Management / Protection of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems -  Restoration / Rehabilitation of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems - Preservation of functional agricultural & forest ecosystems
  • Cobenefits:
    Food security - Water resource availability and quality - Human health -  Socio-economic resilience - Risk reduction - Biodiversity conservation

The main goal of this project is the restoration of coastal habitats with NbS Incorporating cultural knowledge and practices of greater cultural heritage protection and creating an empowering environment for youth and vulnerable groups in climate resilient action and advocacy. This is in response to the main threats of invasive species such as weeds and trees which is quite prevalent in the area, placing the existing trees under huge threat. The selection of the project site is due to it’s heritage, historical and ecological significance. It is anticipated and envisioned that this area would serve as an area to increase and raise awareness of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation- and utilizing enabling tools that are aligned with Kiwa’s thematic areas.

The selection of this site is due to its heritage, historical and ecological significance – it was devastated in cyclone Heta in 2004 but had a residential population, Niue’s first hospital, first museum, first hotel, breeding and migratory habitat of species – terrestrial, avian, marine.

Main threats: Invasive species (weeds and trees) are quite prevalent in the area it’s not only an eye sore but it needs to be managed as newly planted and existing trees are put under huge threat by their presence. The grant presents in the first few months huge effort to remove the invasives and plant trees already collected by community volunteer efforts under Aliutu Conservation. The availability of manpower will be necessary to eliminate invasive species.

The objective of the project?

  • Objective 1: Develop an Adaptation Action Plan for Aliluki and Tufukia Area encompassing community-based disaster risk management.
  • Objective 2: Coastal Restoration of Habitat, Forestry, Biodiversity in the Aliluki and Tfukia areas, both areas most devastated by the category 5 cyclone.
  • Objective 3: Urban Nursery Ecosystem of Native trees (managed by the respective community groups for community benefit) and restoration of area with native trees and biochar
  • Objective 4: Annual forum to empower Youth and Vulnerable Group voices in Climate Resilience (to fall in during climate week and/ or disaster risk reduction)

Reduction of gender discriminations

  • Community based disaster risk management training to youth and vulnerable groups - all engaged in the Climate Change forums and workshops
  • First aid & Anticipatory Action training – vulnerable group representatives (women, youth, elders, disabled)
  • Contribution to the data and potentially helping in policy development for positive societal change and security/social protection is assisted in this regard.
  • Contribution to sex disaggregated data, gender data – agriculture, forestry, covid-19 financial impact data (done over the course of the workshops during breaks).


The remaining infrastructure following the devastation of the cyclone Heta was completely removed without thorough community consultation such that the grieving process of the area has not been resolved (revealed by Aliutu Conservation commemoration night).

This pathway already commenced by the leader Premier Hon Dalton Tagelagi as with volunteers under Aliutu Conservation/Aliutu ma e Atuhau Anoiha (Aliutu for future generations) commencing to revive the area albeit manpower is warranted to rid of the invasive species.

Currently there are the casuarina trees that have proven to withstand the strong wind and wave actions through these subsequent cyclones since 2004 and these are the trees of focus we want to transplant to help strengthen the coastlines (given new residents have built in the area) restoring and building a resilient coastal habitat here.

To complement these trees of course native trees are also prioritised including variety suited for the area (agroforesty with the casuarina trees even providing canopies). It is anticipated and envisioned this area would serve as an area to increase and raise awareness of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Native trees have also been planted for coastal restoration but greater manpower is needed to keep this momentum going, to support the school holiday programs to collecting seedlings and allowing such enabling mechanisms to instil a culture of change and strengthen adaptive capacities and education in our young.

Learning also of Niue’s history of which this site presents and our vulnerabilities to cyclones is also intended to help those families that have still not resolved their grief with the area.

This grant also presents opportunity for scaling up of activities previously funded by the UDNP SGP grants for Aliutu Conservation whereby a seedlings calendar was developed to collect seedlings in certain months with a nursery already established.

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